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Jeu, amour, ordinarité…

(Game, Love, Ordinariness...)

In Observatoire des Politiques Culturelles issue #44 (2014), Christophe Rulhes was asked what an artist’s life is like. He tried and provided an answer with Pierre-Michel Menger, Nathalie Heinich, Olivier Pilmis, Caroline Obin, Jean-Paul Fourmentraux, etc. The article is in French.

La mondialisation fait-elle un monde habitable ?

(Does Globalisation Build an Inhabitable World?)

Sometimes Christophe Rulhes’ writings are strongly influenced by texts from science or philosophy. For instance, after he exchanged ideas with Bruno Latour on his article “La mondialisation fait-elle un monde habitable?”, Rulhes started writing VIFS.

Bruno Latour is a French sociologist and philosopher who teaches at Science-Po, Paris. Latour’s article is in French.

Retour à Seveso

(Back to Seveso)

An article by Laura Centemeri, whom the GdRA met on Wednesday October 23, 2013 during the “Rencontres à VIFS” (Lively Meetings with Livings). The scholar, educated at GSPM, tackles the question of environment in a perspective the GdRA is interested in. Centemeri's article is in French.

Je t’aime moi non plus !

(I Love You…Me Neither!)

On October 10 & 11, 2011 Christophe Rulhes was invited by Nantes University Theatre to debate with other artists, authors and scholars. A statement was made: “Arts, culture and university: I love you…me neither!” Below is the review Jean-Marc Adolphe wrote for the late-and-regetted Mouvement magazine. Adolphe's article is in French.

De la pragmatique du sextant : Un bateau au milieu de la mer.

The GdRA’s texts, choreographies, songs, stunts are written after long-run investigation conducted in the ordinariness, the everyday, the present, within the public sphere. Christophe Rulhes wrote about his impressions and other details on the subject in the Observatoire des Politiques Culturelles review (issue #38). Rulhes’ article is in French.

Jean et Jean : où sont les gens ?

(P. and Paul: Where Are the People?)

An academic article by Christophe Rulhes for Volume!, a Parisian review devoted to today’s music. Rulhes deals with popular culture from the inside, i.e. as a culture rooted in its own realities. Rulhes' article is in French.

Les terrains de la musique

(The Grounds of Music)


An academic article by Christophe Rulhes for Brussels-based review Sociétés. It offers a reflection on how categories can be challenged by experience in a disorganised but exhilarating way. It later became part of an eponymous book, published by l’Harmattan, Marc Perrenoud (ed.), prefaced by Antoine Hennion. Rulhes' article is in French.


Les occitans imaginés

(The Imagined Occitans)

In the GdRA’s works, Christophe Rulhes often deals with the issue of languages and family transmission. He also works on the disappearance and metamorphoses of cultures, speeches, dances and music. A doctorate student at EHESS and a member of the laboratory of anthropology CAS/LISST/CNRS, he wrote a book on the Occitan identity in the light of his family’s farm life and dialect. Three links on the subject.

Les occitans imaginés (in French):

CAS/LISST (in French):

A prepaus de les occitans imaginés de Pèire Vinzac (a review of the book in Occitan):és+de+Christophe+Rulhes