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But Night Had Fallen…

Portrait & territory #3

“Or, il faisait nuit ”... Let’s turn our backs to normative and academic dictionaries and join six relentless authors who write with amateurs participants as part of regular but playful workshops in the Toulouse area… a whole region at our pen's reach. Together, they write either long or short texts, fragile or ambitious pieces, a bundle of sentences, words, imaginations, potential stories, tales, lists, reports, graphs… so many artefacts the GdRA collected, patiently or eagerly, sorted out, tried to order. Then, all these fellows were invited to read their texts, to sing them, incorporate them, screen them, read them on music or hum them, whisper them, transmit them quietly, on the q.t. even, as part of a welcoming open stage device planted in the middle of L’Usine: a big digital box with a matrix and framework made of signs, words and sentences. Far from abiding to normative grammar, it is “la Nuit de l’écriture 2”, where things must be written and said freely.

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