Vincent Girard and Régis Sauder

On Saturday May 7, 2011, after he performed in Singularités ordinaires at Théâre du Merlan, Marseille, Christophe Rulhes impassionedly talked with documentary maker Régis Sauder whose work Rulhes deeply admires. Later on, Sauder collaborated with Benoît Bonnemaison-Lafitte, a member of the GdRA. Moreover, on that day, psychiatrist and anthropologist Vincent Girard joined the discussion. With him, Rulhes talked about portraiture, theatre, fiction and schizophrenia. Though he wasn’t aware of it at the time, Vincent Girard then became the playwright of SUJET, the play the GdRA was preparing at the time. Since then, his work on schizophrenia, characterised by a strong will to give the floor to people and give a voice to the self-determination of those who suffer from this disease, has been influencing the GdRA’s theatre. And obviously, the exchanges between Christophe and Vincent still go on today.


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