“Les mardis de la recherche-action” , Laura Jouve, French School for Advanced Studies in Social Sciences

("The Tuesdays of Action-Research" Laura Jouve, EHESS, French School for Advanced Studies in Social Sciences)

In 2010, at Laura Jouve’s invitation, the GdRA took part in the “Mardis de la recherche-action” where researchers and doctorate students discuss such questions as: how can participative observation and the researcher’s involvement in his fieldwork be implemented? In what way can a relationship be established between the researcher and the actors of his fieldwork? How to account for the difficult collaboration between the academic sphere and the artistic, cultural, social and political ones? What do “researchers” and “actors” gain by this collaboration? To what extent can a collective construction of knowledge be built? What would the conditions for applied research and reflective action be? Ever since that first encounter, Laura Jouve and the GdRA have never missed an opportunity to meet and together, they keep on discussing that kind of issues.


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