Cité Maison de Théâtre, Marseille

At Cité Maison de Théâtre, Marseille, Andrée and Florence Lloret often wonder about how reality relates to their theatre. They thus instigated exchanges with other companies on such issues as document, text and writing. In 2012, during the first international Biennale of “the Writing of the Real”, the Cité invited the GdRA and Christophe Rulhes to take part in a meeting hosted by Tania Moguilevskaia (Paris III – Sorbonne Nouvelle), which also gathered Jean-Marc Adolphe, editor of Movement, Mireille Perrier (stage director and actress), Jean-Michel Van den Eeyden (stage director – L’Ancre, Charleroi, Belgium), Michel André and Florence Lloret.


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