Bruno Latour

Christophes Rulhes has been reading the works of Bruno Latour (philosopher and anthropologist) for almost twenty years.

On Tuesday May 4, 2010, the GdRA was invited by Laura Jouve at EHESS, Paris, France as part of “les mardis de la recherche-action” (The Tuesdays of Action-Research),, Room 11, 105 Boulevard Raspail, Paris. The aim was to discuss the linkage between sciences, arts, theatre and politics. During the seminar, the GdRA met Chantal Latour.

On Thursday May 6, 2010, Bruno Latour attended a performance of the GdRA’s Singularités ordinaires at Théâtre Sylvia Monfort, Paris. That was how Latour and the collective began to exchange ideas.

On Staurday June, 5 2010 Latour attended the premiere of the GdRA’s, Robert, Arlette, Act 2, a play commissioned by Excentriques Festival, featuring 180 singers. Once introduced to one another, they started talking right way.

On Thursday April 7, 2011, Bruno Latour and Valérie Pihet invited the GdRA at Sciences Po., Paris where they meet students preparing a M.A. in “Experimention in Arts and Politics” (a degree in the tradition of James, Lippmann or Dewey’s pragmatism). Those who attended the SPEAP seminars were: Philippe Descola, Antoine Hennion, Isabelle Stenger, Anne Christine Taylor, etc. Researchers whose works the GdRA is very interested in.

April 2011: as part of an investigation they were conducting, SPEAP and the GdRA wanted to develop a project together. Other artists are in touch with SPEAP, such as Olivier Cadiot, Lucien Taylor, Armin Linke, Harun Farocki, Xperiment…

On May 21, 2011, 5.00pm, the GdRA invited Bruno Latour in Toulouse to share the floor with them during a conference at Ombres Blanches bookshop given as part of the performances of Singularités ordinaires and Nour at Théâtre Garonne and l’Usine.

Their intellectual relationship has been lasting ever since they met. Now, their paths cross either in Paris or Toulouse. Latour provides the GdRA with some texts and Rulhes takes great delight in reading them. On October 8, 2014 Bruno Latour read one of his texts—the one which inspired VIFS—as part of a video device created by Christophe Rulhes and Julien Cassier at Espace Conventuel des Jacobins, Toulouse (with the collaboration of Théâtre Sorano and La Novela Festival).

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